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Author: Gregg Parker

Making the Best of it: Synthetic Happiness and Homesickness at Camp

Have you ever heard of Pete Best? Probably not. He was the drummer who was kicked out of the Beatles just a moment before they became the most famous rock band in history. You would probably be surprised to hear that he says he’s actually happier than he would have been as one of the […]

Camp and the Pandemic – Times Have Changed

Times have changed – very recently. Families are now faced with surprisingly new challenges based on the “Social Distancing” required during the Coronavirus pandemic. Many parents are suddenly working from home and their kids are there all day without the usual playgrounds, play groups, play dates, and extracurricular activities they have come to know. Instead […]

Camp – It’s for Parents Too

I meet a lot of parents at camp and they ask a lot of questions. For the most part, they are exceedingly good parents who care deeply about their kids. Some care so much about their kids that they have pretty much given up taking care of themselves. It is especially for these good parents, […]

Summer Camp – How Long to Send My Child?

Once parents have decided on a summer camp, which isn’t always an easy task, they are faced with a new question: How long should my child attend? How many weeks is the right amount of time for camp? As times have changed in the 150 year history of New England summer camps, kids have become […]

Why Summer Camp? So Many Reasons and a Few You Can’t Ignore

When I discuss camp with parents, many don’t know why a sleep-away summer camp is so valuable for kids. Some suggest that their children have their own summer camp at home, meaning they go to a lake house or have lots of fun stuff to do. That’s great for their kids, but they are missing […]

Homesickness – The Do’s and Don’ts

Homesickness is a natural worry for parents and kids alike who are about to embark on a sleep-away camp experience. While it may be scary to imagine your child being away from home and while it may scare him or her as well, with a little preparation there are many ways to understand, alleviate, and […]