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Camp Waziyatah is a safe, fun-filled environment where kids choose their daily activities every five days from a grid of choices unique to their age group. Our programming includes morning activities that repeat for the programming week (great for learning skills like water skiing and horseback riding) and afternoon activities that are different each day (great for trying out new ones). Twice a week is an all-camp event, off camp trip, or a new surprise experience!

At Wazi we focus on providing a place where kids can grow, learn new things and meet lifelong friends, all in a beautiful setting. If your child has never experienced a campfire or a walk in the woods or the excitement of reaching the top of the climbing wall for the first time, then Wazi is the perfect summer choice. We will help your child develop the critical social skills that will allow them to get along with others and stand on their own two feet. We’re ACA accredited which means we follow strict safety, sanitation and program guidelines to ensure the best possible camping experience. We really are doing what our motto says, building better kids one summer at a time.

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How do Wazi campers travel to camp?

Wazi campers arrive and depart by bus, car, or by plane to Logan International Airport or to Portland International Jetport. Please see the Transportation page for more information.

Who are the counselors?

Wazi counselors are the best staff anywhere, and are educators and college students. Most are people we know and have known for many years. Many were campers and went through our CIT (Counselor In Training) program.

Are the counselors background checked?

Every single person who works at Camp Waziyatah receives a full background check.

How will we know our kids are okay?

Each day, we place 50 to 100 pictures on our password-protected, secure website so parents can see their kids having a great time. This is a wonderful experience for all parents, especially for new parents.

Can we contact our kids?

Yes! We use a system that allows parents to email their kids. Emails are printed and given to kids daily. Kids write back weekly (this is mandatory for all campers) with postcards we provide.

When is visiting day?

Visiting Day will take place on the second Saturday of each four-week session. Confirmation of these dates and more information will be sent out to families as we get closer to camp.

Do you have a nurse at camp?

We have two full-time nurses at camp.

Where is the nearest hospital?

The hospital is within 15 minutes drive from camp.

What about medications my child takes?

We use PackMyRx, a service which pre-packages, pre-doses, and pre-labels all medications for every child at camp which insures maximum safety. The cost is about $60 per four week session. We DO NOT recommend changing or stopping medications just before camp. Sign up on our Forms and Resources page.

What about homesickness?

Wazi counselors and senior staff are well trained to handle homesickness. It is a normal experience for campers of all ages, and goes away within a few days. Kids feel a tremendous sense of self-worth and pride after getting over it. Strong homesickness that lasts more than a few days is extremely rare, and in that case, we would contact the family.

Is the food healthy?

Camp Waziyatah has great food. We have a vegetarian option at every meal, an endless salad bar and fruit bowl and delicious, healthy food. We do not sell candy of any kind at camp, but we do have a full-time baker who makes wonderful desserts and snacks.

What is the staff to camper ratio? (How many counselors are there for the campers?)

Unlike many camps, we do not list our ratio based on total staff to total campers. This is misleading to parents, as the amount of kitchen and maintenance staff plays no part in the experience of your kids. We discuss only the cabin counselor to camper ratio. Wazi has two counselors per cabin and often a junior counselor or C.I.T. as well. Cabin groups are from six to twelve campers, so the ratio is one to two or one to three (one counselor for every two or three campers).

Do new campers have difficulty integrating into camp society?

Not at all. Cabin unity and camp unity is promoted literally from the moment kids arrive. Wazi is extremely careful not to allow grouping or cliques or any other kind of separation between campers. Counselors are specially trained to address camper unity.

Do kids get to choose their activities?

Yes! Wazi campers choose each week from a list of activities and they ALWAYS get exactly what they pick. Regardless of how many campers choose an activity, we make sure every camper gets to do whatever activity they select.


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