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Clothing & Gear

Packing for Camp

This packing guide is intended to help you and your kids get ready for an amazing summer at Wazi!

A few things to keep in mind…

  • Laundry is done once a week at camp at our in-house laundry facility – the clothing items listed are intended for about one week at camp. You do not have to pack for four weeks!
  • Camp activities include land sports, water activities, and indoor events (arts & crafts, mealtimes, evening programs). Clothing that can be used in multiple settings is ideal.
  • While it’s beautiful a majority of the time, weather at camp can vary from day-to-day. Be sure to equip your camper with a variety of clothing for hot & dry/cold & rainy weather.

Technology Policy

Wazi has a very strict No-Technology policy! We do not allow any campers to have cell phones, tablets, e-readers, or MP3 players with a screen (an iPod shuffle is fine). Please be advised that if any of these items come to camp, we will store them in a safe place during the duration of your camper’s session.

Information About Labeling Clothing & Items

Believe it or not, permanent markers are not always permanent. Frequent handling or washing can easily wear away a camper’s name if it is written with a sharpie. We recommend laundry safe/dishwasher safe labels for everything. These labels are readily available in “camp packs” from a variety of different websites. You can find them by searching the term “sticker clothing labels.”

Packing List

(Printable Packing List HERE)


  • 8-9 t-shirts or tank tops (must cover midriff and underwear)
  • 5 pairs of basketball style or activewear-type shorts
  • 2 pairs of casual shorts (non active-wear)
  • 2 pairs of sweatpants
  • 1-2 warm weather hoodies or sweatshirts
  • 1 cold weather jacket (to layer w/hoodies i.e. fleece)
  • 2-3 long sleeve shirts
  • 2 pairs of jeans (mealtimes and evening programs)
  • 3 or 4 appropriate swimsuits
  • 3-4 pairs of pajamas
  • 12 pairs of athletic socks (cotton/ dri-fit) (cheaply found at Marshalls)
  • 12 pairs of underwear
  • 1 pair of waterproof sport sandals (ie: tevas, chicas, or crocs) with a heel-strap
  • 1 pair of shower sandals (flip-flops)
  • 2 good pairs of sneakers with ankle support and treads for mixed terrain
  • 1 nicer, appropriate outfit for banquet (if your camper is staying 4, 6, or 8 weeks)
  • Waterproof rain jacket
  • Baseball cap (optional)

Towels & Linens

  • 2 sets of fitted & flat sheets for a twin-size bed
  • 2 or 3 pillow cases
  • 1 familiar, comfortable pillow
  • 1 warm blanket
  • 1 mattress cover (optional)
  • 1 egg crate mattress pad (optional)
  • 2 shower towels that can be used for showering (try to pick a unique, recognizable design)
  • 2 beach towels for use at waterfront activities during the day
  • 2-3 washcloths (if you campers uses these items)


  • Shampoo, conditioner, body soap
  • Loofa (if your camper uses this)
  • Personal grooming products (ie: hairbrush, comb, safety disposable razors if necessary)
  • Shaving cream (if necessary)
  • Toothbrush & toothpaste
  • Dental floss
  • Nail clippers
  • Hair ties (for long hair)
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect repellant

Other Required Items

  • Postcards, pens & pencils
  • Nalgene or Camelbak water bottle (these brands are dishwasher safe for our  industrial machines)
  • Flashlight with extra batteries
  • Sleeping bag rated for 50 degree weather
  • Mesh laundry bag

Other Items to Consider

  • A deck of cards or similar games/toys
  • Reading material (if you camper likes to read)
  • Friendship string
  • Musical instrument (if they play and want to practice)

Activity Related Items

(only needed if your camper plans to sign up for these)

  • 2 extra pairs of jeans or long pants (horseback riding)
  • Riding boots or hard-sole shoe with ½” heel (horseback riding)
  • Baseball glove (optional; we have some at camp)
  • Shin guards (optional; we have some at camp)

Items to Leave at Home


  • Knives or weapons of any sort
  • Cell phones, walkie-talkies, tablets, e-readers
  • CDs with parental advisories
  • Locks or lockable containers
  • Cash (there’s nowhere to spend it)
  • High heels and other unstable shoes unsuitable for Wazi’s uneven terrain
  • Clothing with derogatory or inappropriate language or pictures on it
  • Any clothing that cannot not withstand high dryer heat
  • Expensive watches, jewelry, etc
  • Irreplaceable items of sentimental value
  • Anything prohibited by Maine State Law

Camp Store

Buy Wazi logo apparel and gear online. Choose from a variety of clothing including sweatpants, t-shirts, leggings, flannel pajamas, shorts, hats, and more!

Boys wearing Waziyatah t-shirts


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