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Staff helping camper put her climbing harness on


Dates & FAQs

2024 Staff Arrival Dates

Support Staff

June 5th to August 20th

Adventure Bound Counselors

June 10th to August 20th

Senior Staff

June 9th to August 20th

Adventure Park Counselors

June 10th to August 20th

Waterfront Counselors

June 10th to August 20th


June 14th to August 20th

Any Counselor who needs certification that they can’t get before camp may be required to arrive earlier than dates listed.


Where is Wazi?

Camp Waziyatah is in Waterford, Maine which is about 3 hours north of Boston, Massachusetts. It is 1 ¼ hours west of Portland, Maine and ½ hour east of the New Hampshire border.

What’s the closest town/city?

Bridgton, Norway and Oxford are around 20 minutes drive. They have a good selection of shops, restaurants and two movie theatres between them.

Where do the Wazi staff come from?

We hire people from around America as well as going further afield to countries such as Jamaica, United Kingdom and Australia.

What are the employment dates?

Staff arrive for training before the campers and stay till after the campers have left. You can find the dates above.

How do I get to Wazi?

If you are not driving or being driven to camp then we will pick you up in Portland, Maine at the airport, bus or train station.

Can I bring my car to camp?

Yes, we encourage people to drive to camp so they have transportation for their days off. There is a designated staff parking area on camp.

Do I get time off?

Yes, staff get an activity period off each day as well as alternating time out off cabin with their co-counselor. Staff also get around one day and one evening off each week.

What are the sleeping arrangements?

All our cabins have electricity, toilets and sinks with most of them having showers. There will be at least 2 counselors in every cabin with around 10 campers.

Can I get online and use my phone?

Yes, there is wifi available in the office and staff lounge. Phones are allowed to be used in the office and staff lounge.

When do I get paid?

Staff are paid twice a month by direct deposit.

What should I bring to camp?

A good place to start is checking out our packing list. We have a banquet at the end of both sessions so you might want to bring something nice to wear. You will have some days and evenings off with other staff so keep that in mind as well.