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Wazi Needs Your Help!

Every donation to Camp Waziyatah helps to ensure our ability to keep making amazing memories for years to come.

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Sponsor a Cabin

Some of our most important Wazi memories are made in the warmth and safety of the cabin. From the huddle ups where friends became family,  to the lip sync practice where you couldn’t stop laughing, the bonds made with cabin mates and counselors last forever. To honor these memories, we are now making our cabins available for sponsorship.

How does it work?

Cabins can be sponsored in many ways. Alumni classes can choose to sponsor a cabin as a group, cabin mates can sponsor in honor of their years together, or by individual families. The donation amount is set at $5,000. Once a cabin is sponsored, a plaque will be installed in the cabin of choice to commemorate the generous donors who lovingly gave in its honor. We will work with you to make sure your plaque represents the spirit of your giving in the best way possible.

Donations to the Wazi 100 Club, Sponsor a Cabin, and the One Time Donation are not tax deductible. If a tax deductible donation is preferred, you can donate to the Camp Waziyatah Scholarship Fund which is used to offset tuition for campers and families in need.

Wazi Scholarship Fund

Every year, Camp Waziyatah provides financial aid and scholarships to children across the United States through the generosity of our donors, families, and Alumni. The Wazi Scholarship fund ensures that regardless of financial hardship, more children can spend their formative years on the shores of Lake McWain, making friendships and memories that will last a lifetime.

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