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Teen Leadership

Learning Leadership and Having Fun

Camp Waziyatah’s leadership programs are for campers entering 11th and 12th grade. They teach leadership, lifeguarding, and philanthropy, and gets teens started on the path to being a camp counselor.

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Counselor in Training

If you are entering grade 11 (for grade 12 click “Junior Counselor” above) and want to have a great summer, then you are ready for our Counselor in Training Program. It’s the perfect combination of camper-type activities and counselor-type leadership responsibilities. C.I.T.s live in the C.I.T. cabins. Half of their day, our CIT’s go to activities just like any other camper, and the other half they work on leadership and get their Red Cross lifeguard certificate. They help out in our kitchen, do philanthropy at a local soup kitchen, and eventually take the reigns to run our exciting “Color War” competitions. Many campers say their CIT year was the best ever. CIT’s also work with their “adopted” cabins where they get to know and help out our younger campers. It’s a comprehensive program that’s absolutely fun and really great for teens.

C.I.T.s are past Wazi campers and other qualified student applicants who are at least 15 years of age and are entering the 11th grade.

  • Develop leadership skills
  • Become a Red Cross certified Life Guard
  • Experience specialized C.I.T. programming
  • Earn Community Service hours

CIT Rates

  • C.I.T. 4 week session: $7,250
  • C.I.T. 8 week session: $11,950

Select the CIT program you wish during the “Sessions” area of the application.

Junior Counselor Internship Program

If you are entering grade 12 and want to have a great summer helping kids, learning to teach and trying out for the best job you’ll ever have, then you are ready for our Junior Counselor Internship Program. Here is where you prepare for your role as a Wazi counselor. Junior Counselors live in camper cabins with counselors and learn to lead activities. We prefer that our Junior Counselors spend 8 weeks at camp and attend staff training but we do may sometimes allow 4 week JCs.

Junior Counselors Are:

Past C.I.T.s, who are students at least 16 years of age and entering the 12th grade. If you were not a Wazi C.I.T. you must spend the first ½ of the session as a C.I.T. then you can become a Junior Counselor for the second ½ of the session.

  • Develop leadership skills
  • Become a Red Cross certified Life Guard
  • Learn to lead an activity
  • Earn Community Service hours

Junior Counselor Cost/Rebate

Junior Counselors have responsibility and work at camp. If you successfully complete the Junior Counselor Program we will rebate the full amount back to the family effectively making the cost zero, equivalent to a summer internship.

Junior Counselor: 8 weeks (plus pre-camp training starting June 10th for lifeguards, June 16th for non-lifeguards): $1,000

Select Junior Counselor in the program choices. Please note if you were not previously a CIT, you MUST select the Junior Counselor/CIT program session and spend half the session as a CIT, then you can be moved to a Junior Counselor for the second session. Junior Counselors should attend staff training, however if you apply to be a Junior Counselor and must spend the first session as a C.I.T., staff training week is not mandatory though still recommended. Call or email with questions.


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