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Staff and campers lighting a torch in the campfire

Why Work at Wazi?

Located in Waterford, Maine, Waziyatah is more than a traditional co-ed New England camp of superb quality and reputation — it’s an experience in which people of all ages grow, discover, explore, and feel welcome!

Work Hard Play Hard

Waziyatah is where we all come to have fun, work hard, profoundly and positively influence the lives of children, and make new friends. Camp Waziyatah has a diverse population with children and staff from all over the world. Our program promotes adventure, sportsmanship, teamwork and a large number of activities including waterfront, athletics, visual and performing arts and outdoor trips.

Staff helping a camper with water skiing

We Are Here to Help

Once you have had a chance to read the materials on our website, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Waziyatah believes strongly in developing a relationship with each person considering working with us. We welcome the opportunity to visit with you — usually by phone or video chat — to learn more about what is important to you. That also allows us to help in any way we can with your plans for an exciting summer of creating fun for children and building better kids one summer at a time!

For more information email

Dance instructor teaching campers dance moves
Arts and crafts instructor teaching a camper how to use the pottery wheel

Successful, Happy Staff Members Are…

  • Fun-loving people who are committed to making a summer of fun for children
  • Positive people who can help a child through times of nervousness and doubt
  • Non-complainers who look for solutions, not problems
  • High-energy, enthusiastic team players
  • Honest people who can follow simple, clear rules and expectations
  • People who are more interested in helping kids than in their own personal relationships
  • Sincere people who care about telling the truth
  • Resilient and cheerful
  • Skilled people who want to – and who try hard to – impart their skills to children
  • People who do not need to be the center of attention, but who can give attention
  • People with a child-like optimism
  • People who hold strong, clear values and who can communicate those values to others
  • People who have the courage to stand up for their principles
  • People who place the needs of children ahead of their own
  • People who encourage children to make good choices in all areas

What to Expect

  • Expect to work very hard, alongside people who share our mission of “Building Better Kids – One Summer at a Time”
  • It is our collective responsibility to provide a positive influence to help each child become a better person
  • The Owners and Directors support and encourage your positive and creative work with campers
  • Participation in evening activities is a vital part of your responsibility

Important Policies

  • Waziyatah does not permit alcohol in any form on camp at any time
  • Child abuse (physical, sexual, emotional) or emotional or sexual harassment of peers is not tolerated
  • You will have a period off daily, one evening off weekly, and one 23-hour day off weekly
  • Curfew is midnight. You remain in your quarters through the night for the protection of the campers
  • You are responsible for your own belongings and for any cash that you bring to camp; we recommend travelers’ checks.
  • Waziyatah is a NON-SMOKING environment. Do not apply if you smoke.

Become a Wazi counselor and positively affect the lives of kids from all over the world! Join us in EXCELLENCE!