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What is Camp Waziyatah?

Camp Waziyatah is a sleep-away summer camp for boys and girls aged 6 to 16. Wazi sits on 130 acres of beautiful woods and fields bordering a warm, 3.5 mile private lake. Wazi is a life-changing experience where kids grow, make best friends, have tons of fun, learn about themselves, and learn valuable social skills.

Where is Camp Waziyatah?

  • Right in the center of beautiful lakes region of southern Maine, on McWain Pond.
  • 50 miles from Portland, Maine, by car
  • About 3 hours from Boston, by car
  • Directions

Can my child be on the Bug Juice TV show?

At this time there is no plan to film the show again.

Will my child be filmed if they attend camp?

No. At this time there is no plan to film the TV show “Bug Juice” again.

How do I get there?

  • Many campers arrive with their families by car.
  • Other US campers fly into Portland, Maine (PWM) or Boston’s Logan International Airport (BOS) where they are met by our staff members. For all flights from the U.S. or the world, please choose a flight from our preferred flights list here or email us with questions BEFORE selecting flights.  For Boston flights you should arrive between 10AM and 2pm on the first day of camp. For departure, please depart NO EARLIER than 2pm on the last day of camp.
  • International campers may fly to Boston (BOS) or connect to Portland (PWM).
  • A Private chartered bus takes campers from Boston to camp (3hrs). Our private vans take campers from Portland to camp (1hr).
  • Our bus makes a stop in suburban Boston at the Riverside T Station in Newton. Many families from nearby states take advantage of this bus.
  • Campers flying as unaccompanied minors are escorted by airline staff to and from their seats and dropped off directly to us. They are never left alone for any time.

How long do campers stay?

Campers stay for either four week, six week, or eight week sessions. New campers can sometimes come for two week “Rookie Camp” sessions if spaces are available in March.

Is there a Visiting Day?

Yes! Parents can visit on the second Saturday of each four week session.

How much does camp cost?

Click HERE to see our session dates and prices. (Then click your browser’s back button to return to this page)

Who are Waziyatah Campers?

  • Boys and girls (ages 6-16) from all over the world — who enjoy playing, laughing, and growing together.
  • Campers who seek the excitement and challenge of summer camp
  • Kids of every race, creed, color, type, background, and interest.
  • Campers who value strong, positive peer relationships
  • Kids who are becoming better people without really trying, all through the amazing camp program at Waziyatah.

Where do Wazi Campers come from?

  • Waziyatah campers mostly come from cities all around the U.S. and the world, with larger groups from all New England States, New York, Florida, and Europe
  • Campers from all parts of the US and the world bring diversity and varied cultures with them to camp.
  • International campers come from many countries including: Italy, Mexico, France, Spain, China, Venezuela, Argentina, England, Australia, Russia, and Canada
  • Waziyatah is truly an American international community, with 90% US campers and about 10% international campers

How old is a good age to start camp?

  • Camp Waziyatah takes campers as young as six years old, but it’s really up to you to decide the right age.
  • Young campers should at least be comfortable doing “sleep-overs” with family members or trusted friends.
  • Being nervous about going away is normal! See the director’s articles on the subject here.

Who are Waziyatah’s Counselors and Staff?

  • Our counselors are young men and women, mostly college students, who serve as cabin supervisors and mentors and teach activities.
  • Our Senior Staff includes mature, experienced Division Heads, Department Heads and Directors who run camp and supervise each of the living units.
  • Our Camp Directors, Gregg and Mitch Parker, are life-long campers and staff members, who own and run Camp Waziyatah.
  • Wazi Staff are caring and skilled individuals with camp-related backgrounds
  • Many are former Waziyatah campers who have completed our two-year leadership training program.
  • All staff members are thoroughly background checked and many have been with us since they were very young campers.

Where do Wazi Counselors come from?

  • Wazi’s amazing staff comes from all across the United States
  • From all over the world: (For example: The U.K., Australia, Europe, South America, Central America, and the Caribbean)
  • From Colleges and Universities around the world

How many counselors supervise each group of kids?

  • Supervision ratios change depending on the age of campers, with more staff members per camper for younger kids.
  • There are always at least two full time counselors, and sometimes as many as four in each cabin, and often a Junior Counselor as well.
  • CIT’s (Counselors in Training) also spend time with their “adopted” cabins, although they do not live with the campers.

What’s the food like?

  • Wazi uses the served-buffet system: you select what you like to eat.
  • Entrees include vegetarian options at every meal, an endless and well stocked salad bar, and fresh fruit to snack on.
  • Breakfasts include hot food like eggs, a fresh fruit and yogurt bar, cereal and toast.
  • Waziyatah maintains a bottomless fruit bowl and cool drinks are available all day long
  • We have afternoon snacks often baked fresh.
  • Wazi can handle basic food allergies (dairy, gluten, etc.).

Where do I swim?

  • In beautiful, clear Lake McWain
  • Because Lake McWain is relatively shallow (only 45 feet deep at the center and deepest part) it warms quickly in the spring and holds its warmth through our summer season.
  • Lake McWain is 3.5 miles long, providing excellent facilities for boating, water skiing, swimming, canoeing, sailing, and “The Blob”! Camp Waziyatah owns the entire southern portion of Lake McWain, and our swim area has a clean, sandy lake bottom.
  • Lake McWain is private to the landowners on the lake, so there is no public access, which makes for a quiet and safe experience for all our water activities.

Are bikinis allowed?

Yes, appropriate bikinis are allowed (not too revealing and no thongs).

Where will I live?

  • In a comfortable rustic cabin with 6 – 12 other campers of your age and grade
  • All cabins have electricity, bathrooms, and sinks
  • Pines and Grove cabins have a shower in each cabin.
  • The Hill has a shower house for most cabins and showers in some.
  • Among friends from all over the world

How is The Pines different from The Hill and The Grove?

  • The Pines (ages 6-11) experience focuses primarily on integrating a new camper to our Wazi program and teaching valuable life and camp skills.
  • The Pines Division is unique in its small size and very close camper-counselor supervision.
  • All activities are available to all Pines campers with the exception of the two youngest cabins (ages 6,7 & 8 only) who do not participate in riflery or high ropes.

What will I do all day?

  • Your day starts with lazy breakfast, cabin responsibilities and a short Division meeting
  • You have three activity periods before lunch, and three afterwards. There is also a “free swim” period including “The Blob”!
  • After dinner, you will enjoy an evening activity with the whole Camp, or possibly your division or cabin
  • Pines is quiet by 9:30PM, Hill and Grove by 10:00 PM, Ridge and Ledge by 10:30PM, CIT’s by 11:30PM

Will I have any choices?

  • Your day is filled with choices: your individual schedule is based on YOUR choices!
  • You choose what YOU want to do each week and AT CAMP WAZIYATAH, YOU ALWAYS GET WHAT YOU PICK!

What should I pack?

Can I bring a cell phone or electronics?

  • Camp is about doing things you don’t do at home
  • Cell phones, PSP’s, iPads, kindles, video games of any kind or basically anything with a video screen are not allowed. iPods (non video) are allowed, but can only be used at rest hour and bed time. Note: Camp is not responsible for valuables.

Can I get care packages?

In 2021, Camp Waziyatah only allows packages to be sent to campers via our selected care package store or big box stores directly (like Amazon), but no candy or food of any kind may be sent. No fireworks (like confetti poppers), water guns, messy things like silly string, putty, slime, etc. You may send care packages only from  (Camp Pacs – which sends packages directly to camp. Packages sent from home with needed clothing or other materials can be arranged with our office. Wazi branded clothing and accessories can be purchased and sent to camp directly by our clothing company, (Bunkline Outfitters)

Are there any special events?

  • Special events are the core of each evening’s activities.
  • They also often happen on two special days each week – we call the Otter Days.
  • Scattered throughout the summer, we have the Whitewater rafting, several Musical Theater productions, and surprise field trips like roller skating and amusement parks.
  • Our fantastic Color Wars (Amazingly fun multi-day all-camp competitions), game shows, block parties, and fun campfires.
  • Your cabin will spend a night camping out, eating s’mores, and telling stories around the campfire.
  • Every day at Wazi is a special day.

Does Wazi have trips out of camp?

  • The Adventure Bound program offers climbing, hiking, and canoeing trips.
  • Each session we design a couple of fun trips out of camp that might include: bowling, mini-golf, local attractions, amusement parks etc.

Can my parents call me?

  • Parents may call the camp director at any time to inquire about their child, but may call campers only in emergencies.
  • Campers are required to write home once a week with postcards we provide. They make great keepsakes!
  • Parents can communicate to their campers via email from our private system.
  • Parents see 50 to 100 pictures a day from camp!

What happens if I am sick or injured?

  • Registered Nurses staff the Waziyatah Health Center 24 hours each day to help with colds, scrapes, and other typical camp injuries and sicknesses.
  • Many staff members are certified in First Aid and CPR to care for emergencies.
  • Wazi has doctors affiliated with local hospitals nearby in Bridgton and Norway.
  • Hospital emergency facilities are less than 20 minutes from camp.
  • A member of the infirmary staff or camp administration will contact parents or guardians for any of the following reasons: any health matter indicating a need for a visit to the hospital or an outside medical provider; any health matter that requires an overnight stay in the camp infirmary; any health matter requiring repeated treatments in the infirmary (e.g. bad skin rash or infection); a new medication prescription or a doctor/practitioner-recommended change in an existing prescription; or orthodontic problems.

What if I have allergies?

Make sure that you clearly identify any allergies on your medical form so we can address this properly while you are camp. Please contact us for more information.

Can I – or my parents – talk to Wazi Families?

Absolutely! We encourage you to hear first-hand from parents how Wazi has changed the lives of their kids. Many Wazi families are happy to speak to you

What is the deadline to apply?

  • Camp Waziyatah caps enrollment based on age groups. It is best to sign up as early as possible as space is limited. Early Bird registration for returning camp families takes place between the end of camp and Sept. 15th each year.
  • On Sept. 16th spaces will be allotted first to all pre-registered families, then to the general public.
  • Two week registration begins March 1st for any remaining spaces.
  • If you receive a waitlist message on our website, please contact us and we will try to find space for your kids.
  • Some age groups fill earlier than others; please call or e-mail to make sure that there is still room –but never assume that it is too late to register.

Does Camp Waziyatah have scholarships for needy families?

For information regarding scholarships please visit the scholarships page.

What time is drop-off or pickup?

Pickup and drop-off times are 10am to 2pm on the first day and last day of any session. Please do not arrive early

What are some of Waziyatah’s Facilities?

  • Five tennis courts
  • 3.5 mile private lake
  • Climbing Wall, High Ropes Course, and Zip Line.
  • Ampitheater-style campfire
  • Several campfire / campout areas
  • 2 horseback riding rings and acres of on-property riding trails
  • Skateboard park
  • The Blob (giant, floating, inflatable kid launcher)
  • Gaga Dodgeball Pit
  • Beach Volleyball Court
  • Visual Arts center
  • Miles of wooded trails
  • 2 tournament-quality ski boats
  • Sailboats, stand-up paddle boards, kayaks, canoes
  • Plenty of dock space
  • 2 basketball courts
  • Archery range
  • Riflery range
  • On-site horse stables
  • Fully equipped theater
  • Baseball field
  • 2 soccer fields
  • Gym

How are cabin groups selected?

Cabins are grouped by “rising” grade levels, which means the school grade (or international grade equivalent) that kids are entering AFTER the summer they attend.


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