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  • If you want your child to have the greatest summer ever then send them to Wazi I am 16 and this summer will be my 5th it is so much fun and you learn you things and make loads of friends. I come all the way from London England to see my friends and go to camp every year. Even if you are 16 and want to come to summer camp come as a CIT Your summers will never be the same after attending this summer camp”
    – Melissa Wilkinson
  • This is my 8th summer at wazi and words cannot describe how much I love it there. I basically grew up at this camp and learned so many things that school could never teach me. You start of the session being complete strangers with someone and you leave camp being best friends. The friends I made here I keep in touch with all year round and probably will keep in touch with for the rest of my life. All year camp is all I can think about and where I want to be, when camp finally starts you just feel at home again, it’s a feeling out of this world. When leaving, its always hard to say goodbye. I could never even being to describe how this camp has impacted and changed me as a person, I can’t even imagine what I would be like today without it. I feel so unbelievably lucky to have experience such an amazing thing in my life, the experience is worth all the money in the world. I could go on and on for hours, but let me just say that every summer is unforgettable and I will remember forever.
  • Waziyatah is so amazing its indescribable. It is my home and the place where i am right now is just a place that i have to stay at until I get to go back to my real home, Wazi Camp waziyatah changed my life in so many ways. This camp has taught me some of the most important qualities of life. Without it my life would be in pieces and I would still be scrambling to try and put it back together if it was not for this camp. Every single detail about this camp is indescribable. My family has grown so big with all of the amazing people I have been #blessed with. Every single detail about this camp is beautiful. All the activities I have learned will only take me farther in life. This camp has made me pee my pants with joy every summer. Gregg and Mitch have honestly done such a awesome job running it, the stories they tell at camp fire are life long lessons. Just like not everyone can dance, not everyone can run a camp but gregg and mitch where born for it. Come to Wazi to experience this!
  • I went to Camp Waziyatah last year, and it was the best summer of my life! I’m 11 years old, and when I heard about Wazi, it looked amazing, but I was so nervous about attending, I was sacred of not knowing anyone, and of the staff being mean, and especially of the food! But, it was the EXACT opposite. The staff was amazing! I LOVED my counselors, they were so nice, funny, and cool, and when I was feeling slightly homesick, they were there to talk, and comfort! The activities and facilites are beautiful, especially the grounds, they were GORGEOUS! The food was sublime! I ate so much, and I normally have a very small appetite! The activities are so amazing, there are many differen kinds of activities, and I lurned how to SAIL, SURF, and WATERSKI! The people are so nice, I made tons of new friends! Last but ot least, they pay attetion to you, the staff try to learn your name and they speak to you whenever you pass! When I was homesick my counselors were there to help me!

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  • The best decision we’ve made in a long time was sending our 9 year old son and 11 year old daughter to Camp Wazi this summer for 4 weeks! From the night in February when Gregg and Natalia Parker (the owners) came to our home to spend over an hour with our kids talking about the camp and answering all of their questions, to the first day when our slightly timid kids walked onto the camp and were greeted immediately by wonderful counselors and staff! Every day, my kids tried new things, made amazing friendships with kids from all over the country and gained an independence and confidence that are simply priceless! Our kids are already asking to go for longer next summer! Gregg Parker was incredibly responsive to any of my questions or concerns and even went as far as to call me to update me on my son (who I had not seen in a picture yet on the first day!) This is the best money we’ve spent and we highly recommend this wonderful, family owned camp. – Tracy O.
  • My child has been going to Camp Waziyatah for several years. I remember the first year we sent her for only two weeks to see how she would like it, and after one week we got the call begging us to extend her to 4 weeks! Since that time, every year when she gets home, she starts to count off days until summer again. The owners of Wazi and the staff have created an amazing environment for the kids to learn, grow and build lifelong friendships. They are always responsive to answering questions, keeping you updated on your child and ensuring their individual needs are met. In such a picturesque setting, it’s no wonder why our child doesn’t want to leave. Every year has been better than the next for us and our child. Not only is it a very special place, but the staff creates a bond that last far beyond summer. – Robin W.
  • My daughter Sydney is 17 and has been at Wazi for the past 5 years. This summer will be her 6th and final summer. She’s gone from scared yet excited camper for 3 years, to proud CIT, then busy JC. This year she hopes to be a staffer. I cannot say enough about WAZI. She LOVES it. So much so that her college essays are titled “Wazi: Where Happiness Lives”. The friendships she’s formed are deep, true and will last a lifetime. The camp has a nurturing and stimulating culture that has given her such a sense of belonging and mindfulness. I was terrified the first year. It felt like I sent her off into the great beyond. Its nerve wracking the first year! When she came back to Miami, I asked “on a scale of 1-10, how did you like it’? She said 42! Gregg and Mitch really love the camp and have taken great pains to ensure the campers have an unforgettable, life changing summer, each and EVERY year. I have recommended Wazi to parents whose kids were skeptical but are now converts. Go WAZI! – Mike S.
  • Our son is 12 and Camp Wazi was his first “away” camp experience. We learned about Camp Wazi through a Camp Fair in NH. We were immediately drawn to the Camp’s mission & values; environment; Maine setting; and all the activities they enjoy. Brad was a bit apprehensive to leave his dog and us for 2 weeks; however, on the day we arrived, the assimilation was fantastic! We enjoyed about an hour of touring and getting to know new friends at Wazi with Brad before we set him off into his journey. Having the ability to call the Counselors to check in on Brad on occasion; as well as to send him emails and receive a few postcards from him was a GREAT way to allow Brad the autonomy to participate in a true camp experience! We highly recommend Camp Wazi and Brad looks forward to his next reunion with Bunk-mates and friends from all over the Country!  – The Bursey family