Camp Waziyatah – Highest Rated Maine Summer Camp

Waterford, Maine • Established in 1922

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Camp Waziyatah Outdoor Hiking Adventure

Camp Waziyatah is the Highest Rated Camp in Maine. Why? It’s all about the atmosphere. Wazi has a uniquely kind and welcoming environment with no cliques or groups and no worries about fitting in. It’s an absolute BLAST, where kids make memories and best friends that last a lifetime. With more than 30 activities in a stunningly beautiful setting, Wazi has 98 years of know-how in being the perfect Maine camp experience. And the Disney Channel agrees. They chose Wazi as the perfect location for their new TV show “Bug Juice, My Adventures at Camp”! The show is on the air now!

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About Camp Waziyatah

accreditedlogo   Accredited by the American Camp Association

  • Number ONE rated Maine Summer Camp on campratingz.com!
  • Named one of the TOP 50 Summer Camps in the United States!
  • Why Wazi – Who, what, and why we are.
  • For Boys and Girls – Ages 6 to 16
  • 2, 4,6, and 8 week sessions.
  • Counselor in Training/Junior Counselor Leadership Program for 16 and 17 year-olds
  • More than 30 Activities!
  • Unique, Kid’s Choice Program
  • Healthy, Delicious Food – Our Chef is a Distinguished Alumni of the Waldorf Astoria!
  • Caring, Well-Trained Staff
  • Full-Time Registered Nurses
  • Welcoming Atmosphere with NO cliques!
  • Adventure Bound Outdoor Program
  • Trip Week and Color War!