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How Kids Can Stay Active at Home This Summer 

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By Camp Waziyatah

It’s no surprise that kids get tons of exercise at summer camp. From hiking to kayaking to field sports, everyday is filled with exercise. Due to COVID-19, kids are staying home this summer but that doesn’t mean they can’t go outside and get moving. If you’re looking for some ideas for your child this summer, read on for a list of exciting activities that are sure to get your child staying active.

Bike Riding – Take advantage of the summer with a nice bike ride. Whether you’re riding together as a family or your child is biking with friends, this is an activity that works the legs and keeps everyone in shape. Rather than doing your regular errands by car, get the family together and take a bike ride. If your kids see you getting active, they’ll be encouraged to do the same.

Set Up a Healthy Competition – Sometimes physical activity can feel a bit draining, but you can add a bit of fun to the mix by adding a little competition. Set up a backyard race, jumping jack competition, or see who can jump rope the longest. Have fun prizes to motivate the kids!

Volleyball or Balloon Volleyball – Volleyball is perfect for larger families because it’s easier to set up teams. If you don’t have volleyball equipment or enough outdoor space, opt for some indoor balloon volleyball. Simply tie a piece of yarn from one chair to another and blow up a balloon. You can do variations of the game by head butting or using your feet. 

Take a Virtual Exercise Class – Visit your local YMCA’s YouTube channel or social media page for a virtual workout. Some of their workouts include upper and lower body, yoga, and tightening and toning workouts. Browse around on YouTube or Facebook to explore a variety of other workouts designed specifically for kids and families. 

Go for a Hike – You don’t need summer camp to enjoy some spectacular scenery. Find a local park or nature preserve and spend the day outside. If your family doesn’t hike often, start off on a flat trail. Ask some ‘get to know you’ questions or trivia to make the time go by quicker.

Let Kids Choose the Activity – If your kids don’t like the activities above, give them the opportunity to choose some physical activities. This will also help them get better at making decisions and feel more independent. 

What to Expect at Camp Waziyatah Next Summer

Located in Maine, Camp Waziyatah is an exciting summer camp situated on 130 acres of woods and fields on a 3.5 mile private lake. Wazi promotes a “no-clique” atmosphere so campers feel completely comfortable. If new campers are feeling nervous about getting settled in, our camp counselors are at the ready to help. Every staff member has been thoroughly trained and knows what to expect. Whether campers are feeling homesick, anxious, or nervous about trying new activities, camp counselors and staff will do everything possible to help kids have a life-changing and wonderful experience.

Activities Offered at Camp Waziyatah

Camp Waziyatah has over 30 activities to choose from and we offer six activity periods a day so campers are always busy. Campers can select from classic activities such as archery, canoeing,  horseback riding, water skiing and sailing, and more modern ones like high ropes and zip lining. 


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