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I Wanna Go Home! Handling Sad Letters from Camp

It has often been said that first and last letters from camp are stained with tears, the first because campers are sad and the last because they are sad to leave. If you’re a new camp family or even a seasoned one, letters home can sometimes be troubling if they reflect homesickness. Most won’t, but […]

5 Signs Your Child is Ready for Overnight Camp 

From the moment they arrive at camp, kids are greeted with a warm welcome from camp counselors, introduced to new activities and encouraged to make new friends. There’s truly no place like summer camp, which is why kids come back year after year. However, if your child has never been to an overnight camp, you […]

Making the Best of it: Synthetic Happiness and Homesickness at Camp

Have you ever heard of Pete Best? Probably not. He was the drummer who was kicked out of the Beatles just a moment before they became the most famous rock band in history. You would probably be surprised to hear that he says he’s actually happier than he would have been as one of the […]

Prepping for College – Camp Can Help

On my most quiet Saturday of the year, the Saturday after all campers and staff have returned home from a summer at camp, I was sitting down for my morning read of the Wall Street Journal. In the REVIEW section there was a headline that caught my eye. It read: “IS YOUR CHILD EMOTIONALLY READY […]