Try our “Camp for a Day” for first time campers!

Not sure if you or your child are ready for camp? Try Camp Waziyatah’s “Camp For a Day” (CFD) Tour this summer. Camp For a Day is a great way for future campers to get excited about camp and it helps alleviate fears about going away from home for the first time. CFD is intended for younger campers (12 and under), campers under camp age (younger than six) or anyone who is not sure if they are ready to go to sleep-away camp. You and your family will come spend a day at camp and get the grand tour, experience some fun activities and meet our Directors and staff. There’s no hard-sell sales pitch and no cost at all. CFD takes place at camp during a real camp session so you get a chance to see the camp in action. Best of all, you can still sign up for our later summer sessions as long as space is still available. Please fill out the below information and accept our waiver to hold a place for this year’s Camp For a Day at Camp Waziyatah. Please call our office manager April with questions about logistics or ask for the camp Director Gregg if you have questions about the camp experience itself.

Clothing should be light outdoor clothing with sneakers and something warm in case the weather cools. Bring a raincoat, some bug spray and sunscreen. There will be no swimming so bathing suits will not be needed.

We can’t wait to see you at Camp Waziyatah this summer!

Where: Camp Waziyatah – 530 Mill Hill Rd. Waterford, Maine, 04088

Date Options: Saturday June 29th or Saturday July 27th from 10am to 3pm (lunch included).

Cost: Free!

Extra info: Parents can sign up kids for the second session of this summer (2019) if there are still open spaces:

Second Session – 4 weeks: Sunday, July 21 – Thursday, August 15




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Riflery boys

Free Camp for a Day

    I am the applicant's parent or legal guardian. I understand and agree that the directors reserve the right to refuse admission to, or request withdrawal of any Camper from Camp Waziyatah's Camp For a Day (CFD) as they deem necessary. I understand and agree that the use, possession of, or association with tobacco, alcohol, or illegal drugs, or any behavior which, in the opinion of Camp officials, violates any criminal statute of the State of Maine or the customs, rules or regulations of the Camp, is cause for dismissal. Should a parent or child be asked to leave camp for any reason, I agree to politely and respectfully leave the premises immediately upon request. I understand and agree that Camp is not responsible for lost or damaged personal property, nor for campers' medical expenses, and that it is my responsibility to insure against these expenses. I agree to abide by the Camp policies including those regarding items to leave home, visits, telephone calls, cabin placements, and package contents. I agree that myself and my camper will abide by the camper code of conduct, including not using cellular telephones or the internet in any way during CFD. Camp Waziyatah may use photographs and video footage of myself and my child on the website and for publicity purposes. In the event I cannot be reached in an emergency while my child is under Camp supervision, I hereby give permission to the physician selected by the Camp directors to hospitalize, administer proper treatment, and order injections, anesthesia, or surgery for my child. I attest that in advance of my visit I will fully disclose any and all medical and/or psychological conditions which my child may have and will exclude my child from participating in any camp activity that may be unwise due to his or her medical condition. I also recognize that participation in any Camp activity may involve a degree of risk; I have discussed with my child the risks involved, and I expressly authorize my child's participation in all Camp activities taking place during CFD. I agree that this Agreement will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the state of Maine. I submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of any court of the state of Maine located in the county of Oxford for the purpose of any suit, action, or other proceeding. I agree that if I take any legal action against Camp Waziyatah which is decided in favor of Camp Waziyatah, I will be responsible for all legal fees, court costs, and out of pocket expenses of Camp Waziyatah, its owners and employees. I understand that final acceptance for participation in CFD may be subject to submission of forms and approval by our medical staff and Director(s).