Why Wazi?

It’s almost impossible to explain the experience of being a camper at Wazi. It really is the way life should be for kids – exciting, adventurous fun in a stunningly beautiful place – away from technology – where kids are welcomed for who they really are.

You can be sure that if Disney chose us as the setting of their famed camp TV show “Bug Juice”, we certainly have an ideal location! But that’s not what makes us unique or amazing, or wonderful, or life-changing – all words our campers have used to describe Wazi. What makes us the place you should send your kids (or  the place you should go if you’re a potential camper reading this) is much deeper than the right location, schedule or activities. We do have tons of activities – from all the classics to modern ones like “The Blob”! But what’s much more important is the atmosphere – the people, and the way we are deep down.

First and foremost is the incredibly close-knit and inclusive community we have. Kids are welcomed for who they are and are never divided into cliques, groups, or newcomers vs. previous campers. In today’s world of text messaging and video games, we have a human atmosphere of healthy connections and real communication. It’s unequaled in promoting social skills and teaching kids to get along with each other (which may be the most useful skill of all), and of course it’s a tremendous amount of FUN! We have an amazing staff of caring and well-vetted young people from all over the world, many of whom have been with us for years.

We also have unsurpassed communication with parents. As Wazi’s Director, I know every camper personally and I make sure they are having the time of their lives. My brother and I had a lifelong dream to own a camp because we loved camp so much growing up and because it changed our lives in so many great ways. We realized that dream when we became the owners and directors at Camp Waziyatah. We’re camp people, camp nuts even, and we know what camp is supposed to be – like how the memory of stargazing with a best friend or learning to get up on water skis for the first time stays with you forever. And since we know how it was for us, we make sure it’s the same way for all our campers. We are hands-on directors and that’s a big part of what makes Wazi different. Of course we have all of the things you would expect from a premiere Maine summer camp. What makes us unique is the way Wazi is – the atmosphere and our people. These are the things that make Wazi a one of a kind place and truly a life-changing experience.

  • Named one of the TOP 50 Summer Camps in the United States!
  • Number ONE rated Maine Summer Camp on campratingz.com!