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Singing around a campfire

No Tech Challenge

For our campers, Camp Waziyatah is a NO-TECH atmosphere. That means no cell phones, no TV, no computers and no internet. In today’s world, kids need a break from screen time and Wazi is the perfect place for it. But do you know who also needs a break? YOU! Which is why we are issuing the Camp Waziyatah “No Tech Challenge” for our Friends and Family Weekend 2021. We challenge you to put down the phone, leave the laptop at home, and fully immerse yourself in camp for the weekend. Campers of all ages (even the teenagers!) say that camp is a welcome break from the pressure of modern technology. Being at camp helps restore a sense of peace from the constant attention requirements of text messages, social media, videos, and the web in general.

Our No-Tech Challenge encourages participants to have no screens to distract them from a sky full of stars, the laughter of great friends, the call of loons on the lake in the morning, and all the incredible beauty of the natural world in Maine’s gorgeous Lakes Region.