Next Steps

New Family Liaison / Program Director

Nate Parker

Nate is a New Family Liaison, which means he does everything to make new families comfortable with their Camp Waziyatah experience. Nate walks new families through the process of registration, preparing for camp, and helping to communicate with parents while their children are at camp. Nate is also our Program Director, who designs and manages camp programming and activities.

Nate is a graduate of The University of Wiscosin and has a Master’s Degree from the University of Miami in Environmental Science. Nate has been at camp every year that his family has owned it starting as a camper in 2008, then going on to be a CIT, Junior Counselor, Counselor and Senior Staff member. He is a member of Camp Waziyatah’s prestigious “Order of the Otter” and is a previous Spirit award winner. He is the son of Co-owner/Director Mitch and lives in Miami Florida.