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Gregg Parker

Gregg has been around camp his entire life. The day he was born, his brothers were getting on the bus to go to camp. Gregg is an ACA certified Camp Director, and was a camper, counselor and water skiing instructor for nine consecutive summers before taking the reigns along with his brother Mitch at Camp Waziyatah. Gregg and Mitch have owned and run Camp Waziyatah for twelve summers.

Gregg has taught swimming, water skiing, snow skiing and wind surfing to children and adults. He has held professional certifications as a lifeguard, snow skiing instructor and whitewater rafting guide.

He has been certified by the Red Cross in Advanced Life Saving, First Aid and CPR and has passed basic Emergency Medical Training through the Professional Ski Instructors Association of America. He is a lifelong sailor holding American Sailing Association certifications including coastal cruising, navigation, cruising catamaran and holds a bareboat charter captain’s license.

Gregg Parker with campers

Gregg attended the Palisades School of Mountaineering and completed courses in Basic Mountaineering and Advanced Rockcraft. Gregg and Natalia have two daughters, Cassidy and Zoe. They live in Charlestown, Massachusetts.

Gregg can always be found by email or calling our office at 207-583-CAMP(2267).