“Bug Juice” is BACK! Twenty years ago, in 1997, The Disney Channel chose Camp Waziyatah as the perfect Maine summer camp. Their groundbreaking TV show, “Bug Juice” was filmed here, and it was a smash hit! Suddenly, kids all over the world fell in love with Wazi. Now, the show has returned to where it all began! “Bug Juice: My Adventures at Camp” follows a group of 11 year old boys and girls through an entire summer at Camp Waziyatah! See episodes AIRING NOW on Disney Channel or Disney Channel Go! If you already love the show, that’s great! And if you want to find out about attending Camp Waziyatah, check our Dates and Prices HERE, and if you’re a camper, have your parents look at our web site and contact us! We hope to see you at Wazi next summer!

In case you’d like to see how it all began, here’ s a throwback episode from the season of Bug Juice from 20 years ago! It takes place at the end of a four week session, where campers look back on fun and friendships and what camp meant to them. The tears they shed when it’s time to leave camp are all a part of the experience, and it shows how much a summer at Wazi has changed their lives.