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Will camp run this summer?

We are currently planning for Wazi 2020 camp sessions to run as scheduled this summer. We can’t say what the next few months will bring, but as of now, camp is still on. In light of the current circumstances, camp could be even more important than usual this year. After a long isolation, kids need wholesome and healthy social interactions, the great outdoors, lots of physical activity and tons of fun – and that’s exactly what Wazi provides.  Of course, every precaution will be taken to ensure a safe and healthy experience.

Will you refund our camp tuition due to coronavirus cancellation?

If, for any unanticipated and uncontrollable reason, camp would need to end early, such as by directive from the CDC or other officials then we would pro-rate tuition and allow the remainder to be used in future summers. If camp is cancelled before it begins due to directives from the CDC or other officials, we will refund the full amount of tuition (minus transaction fees) and minus the deposit, which we are allowing to be used in any future summers. We hope that this gives you the reassurance to sign up for camp if you haven’t already and know that you’ll be fully protected financially.

How will you be screening campers and staff for coronavirus?

We will follow all CDC appropriate guidelines for screening at camp. All campers and staff will undergo additional screening before coming to camp. We will be asking everybody about any recent travel, their current health, taking their temperature before getting on the bus or upon arrival at camp, and checking for symptoms.

Will campers or counselors be coming from countries with travel restrictions?

We are in close touch with any staff or families who may be traveling from countries currently under U.S. travel restrictions. If the restrictions are upheld, those campers and staff will not attend camp. If the restrictions are lifted, we can assure you that campers and counselors will only travel to camp if we are confident that this will pose no risk. In addition, we will ensure that the pre-camp screenings and tests required for our campers and staff from any of the listed countries are more comprehensive and reflect the most up-to-date and available protocols.

What about campers or staff from the U.S. who traveled to restricted countries before camp?

We are closely adhering to CDC guidelines. Our understanding for now is that at this point all people who traveled recently to restricted countries are screened at the returning airport and asked about their travel and who they have been in contact with. They also have their temperature taken and are asked about their health. As the situation evolves we will continue to reassess.

How will you be separating anybody suspected of having coronavirus?

We are fortunate to have experience dealing with similar issues that had a great impact on the public – like the H1N1 virus a decade ago – and kept our camp community safe. We will continue to adhere to guidance from the CDC, our state department of health and local officials, but can say that anybody that exhibits symptoms would immediately be removed from our camp population and quarantined in a dedicated bunk or quarters.

Where is the closest hospital and will they be ready?

We remain in close touch with both Stevens Memorial in Norway, ME (9 miles east) and Bridgton Hospital (11 miles south) and are assured that they are equipped to support us 24/7.

Is staff prepared and trained to handle any outbreak of coronavirus?

Wazi maintains a health center with full time Registered Nurses and doctors who are on the job 24/7. We have also planned additional training for our full staff to orient them to recognize signs of coronavirus – or any communicable disease or virus for that matter – in our staff or campers. This will take place before any campers arrive.

How are you staying informed and up-to-date?

We are remaining informed by receiving timely updates from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as well as from the [state] Department of Health. We recognize that there are many different unverified sources of information about coronavirus online and on social media. Some of these sources are sometimes not based on science and may be alarming. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, we are relying on only official sources and guidance offered by the American Camp Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics and local health officials.

What is camp doing to prevent anyone from contracting coronavirus?

Our leadership along with our medical team are reviewing all of our camp protocols and meeting on a regular basis to address the situation. This entails looking at how campers and staff will be screened before coming to camp; all of our hygiene procedures; and extra vigilance around building, bunk and bathroom sanitation. For example, all bunks and buildings will be cleaned more frequently with additional sanitizing steps taken. There will be more signs and stations to ensure hand washing with additional hand sanitizer stations located throughout camp. All staff will be reminded to promote regular hand washing and good hygiene practices. We will also provide additional training on what symptoms to look for that require a check-in at the health center.

What about intercamp competitions and activities or other out-of-camp trips? How will these change?

At this time, intercamp competitions are on hold.  So far, there are no restrictions on local trips, including to other camps, but for now, we are erring on the side of caution. We will reassess as we approach camp. If the circumstances change we will keep you in formed.

Will the warmer weather in summer impact coronavirus?

The impact of warmer weather is not yet known. We do know other viruses like the common cold and flu tend to be spread more during colder months, but we don’t know yet whether or not the spread of coronavirus will decrease with warmer weather.

What if camp needs to be shut down?

It’s difficult to answer such a dramatic hypothetical situation, but above all else the health and safety of our campers, counselors and staff is our top priority. Should we receive guidance from the CDC, our state health officials that camp should not be run, or end early, by all means we will adhere and do everything we can to ensure that everybody gets home safely in a well-organized fashion.


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