Picture of Gregg Parker and Family at Camp Waziyatah

Gregg Parker- Owner/Director

Gregg has been around camp his entire life. The day he was born, his brothers were getting on the bus to go to camp. Gregg is an ACA certified Camp Director, and was a camper, counselor and water skiing instructor for nine consecutive summers before taking the reigns along with his brother Mitch at Camp Waziyatah. Gregg and Mitch have owned and run Camp Waziyatah for ten years.

Gregg has taught swimming, water skiing, snow skiing and wind surfing to children and adults. He has held professional certifications as a lifeguard, snow skiing instructor and whitewater rafting guide.

He has been certified by the Red Cross in Advanced Life Saving, First Aid and CPR and has passed basic Emergency Medical Training through the Professional Ski Instructors Association of America. He is a lifelong sailor holding American Sailing Association certifications including coastal cruising, navigation, cruising catamaran and holds a bareboat charter captain’s license.

Gregg is a published journalist and writes for camping and parenting magazines. He is the Camp Expert and moderator of the camp page for nesting.com, a parenting website for mothers. Some of his articles and blogs, including the all-important “Homesickness, the Do’s and Don’ts” can be found HERE.

Gregg attended the Palisades School of Mountaineering and completed courses in Basic Mountaineering and Advanced Rockcraft. Gregg is married to Natalia and they have two daughters, Cassidy and Zoe. They live in Charlestown, Massachusetts.

Gregg can be reached at gregg@wazi.com and can always be found by calling our office at 207-583-CAMP(2267).

Carl Acosta New Family Liaison Camp Waziyatah

Carl Acosta – New Family Liaison/Pines Division Director

Carl Acosta is our New Family Liaison, which means he does everything to make new families comfortable with their Camp Waziyatah experience. Carl walks new families through the process of registration, preparing for camp, and helping to communicate with parents while their children are at camp. Carl is also our Pines Division Director. He oversees the counselors and campers in The Pines, our youngest area of camp for kids age 6 to 12.

Carl has worked with children with autism for the Boston Public School system and has a lifetime of coaching experience. He was a scholarship soccer player and All-American at Cal Berkeley and was the school’s highest scoring player for four straight years. Carl teaches private and group instruction in soccer and piano to children in Boston.

Carl lives with his wife Maddie Acosta, also a New Family Liaison and our Athletics Director, in Marblehead Massachusetts, and is the brother-in-law of our Camp Director Gregg Parker.

He can be reached at carl@wazi.com.

April Ballard – Office Manager

April is from Miami, Florida. She has been a camper all her life, as well as a C.I.T., counselor, and riding instructor. April graduated from Hofstra University in 2010 with a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts. Since graduation, she has worked as a teacher, a youth group leader, and a gymnastics coach. Most recently, April completed her service as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Jamaica where she worked in a small, rural community helping children learn to read.

In the off-season, April lives in Boston with her cat “Bowser” and works full time for camp as our office manager. She is married to our own Managing Director Tim Ballard. She can be reached at april@wazi.com.

Mitch Parker- Owner/Director

Mitch is an ACA certified Camp Director and spent 14 consecutive summers as a camper, CIT, Jr. Counselor, Counselor and Assistant Waterfront Director before taking the reigns along with his brother Gregg at Camp Waziyatah. Mitch and Gregg have owned and run camp Waziyatah for ten years.

Mitch has held the following Red Cross certifications: Water Safety Instructor (WSI), First Aid, CPR, and Canoeing. Mitch attended the Palisades School of Mountaineering and completed courses in Basic Mountaineering and Advanced Rockcraft. Mitch has also spent the last 7 years as a basketball Coach for his local youth league. Mitch is married to Lynne with children Max, now living and working in New York City, Maddy, attending Indiana University and a counselor and Assistant Waterfront Director at Wazi, and Nate, a counselor and volleyball instructor at Wazi.

Mitch can be reached at mitch@wazi.com.


tim ballard camnp waziyatah

“Techie” Tim Ballard  – Managing Director and Event Coordinator

Tim Ballard, A.K.A. Techie Tim,  is our Managing Director. Tim is second in command after our directors and wears many hats at camp. Tim  handles transportation, manages our theater department, runs our “M.I.T” crew (theater techies), and is in charge of camp at any time the Owner/Directors are off camp. Tim is an integral part of our staff and has been a member of the Camp Waziyatah family for 20 years.

Tim originally comes from the UK where he worked in professional theater. He now lives in Boston during the off-season. He is married to April, our Office Manager.

Tim can be reached at techietim@wazi.com

Andrew McWilliams – Grove Director and New Family Liaison

Andrew McWilliams is our Grove Director and one of our New Family Liaisons. In the summer, in his role as the Grove Director, Andrew oversees the counselors and campers in The Grove, our teen boys area of camp. During the off season, Andrew is one of our New Family Liaisons. He helps prepare new families for camp and helps them get comfortable with their Camp Waziyatah experience.

Andrew attended Florida State University, where he received his Master’s Degree in Athletic Administration, and is an accomplished Eagle Scout through the Boy Scouts of America. In the off season, Andrew lives in Boston, Massachusetts.

Andrew can be reached at andrew@wazi.com.